Halloween Treat Tags by Atiliay.com

Besides candy and chocolate, another treat that I personally always welcome and think makes a great gift are beverages! Wine, cider, beer for those who drink and sparkling cider and fancy juices for non-drinkers and little ones.

I was really excited to try making some Halloween printable bottle tags and here it is! I hope it can help you celebrate this holiday season and encourage everyone to safely spread some Halloween cheer while eating, drinking, and being scary 👻 Just download, print, cut out, and put it on your bottle of choice!

The PDFs come with 2 tags per page with markings that indicate where you should fold. Use pencil to extend the line onto the tag before cutting out. You can score the line for easy folding or if you don’t have those tools, folding it regularly works just fine too! I cut a slit into the tag to make it easier to cut out the circle (see photo below).

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Halloween Treat Tags by Atiliay.com
Halloween Treat Tags by Atiliay.com

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