Hello 2017 PDF by Atiliay

I love the start of a new year–it always feels like a fresh clean slate to me! I am also big on making resolutions but even if that’s not your thing, I thought it’d be fun to put together a sheet where you can jot down some of the things you want to do, see, experience, and be in 2017. Each section isn’t too big so you don’t get overwhelmed and there’s enough space for your top priorities. It’s also meant to be ever-changing and evolving–my suggestion is to fill it in with pencil or leave some room for new ideas and interests that may come in the future!

Download the free PDF here.

I’d love to hear what you fill each section with! You can share with me by sending me an email hello(at)atiliay.com, leaving a comment, and posting and tagging me on Instagram @atiliay.

Here are a few things I will be adding to my Hello 2017! sheet:

My purpose is to love the people and animals in my life, create, and give back.
My work’s purpose is to create thoughtful cards that enable my customers
to connect with loved ones and give back.
Places to go: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!
Things To Try: Hosting a cookbook club and calligrafriend meet-up. Go to my 2nd trampoline workout class!
Books To Read: I need to finish Contagious and I received Ghana Must Go from a FB book exchange!
I’d also like to read The Locust Effect.
Recipes To Cook: I want to try something from my Crossroads cookbook–
hopefully the cookbook club will help get this done!
Projects To Make: New prints, calendar, and gift items for Atiliay!
I’d also love to get back into pointed pen calligraphy and try my hand at a new craft.

I wish you and yours a very happy new year filled with love, joy, and adventure!
Here’s to 2017–Happy New Year!