2020 Autumn List Template by Atiliay.com

Here’s my completed Autumn template! It’s a mix of things inspired by the holidays happening this season along with some tasks I’ve been meaning to check off my to-do list. I’m happy to share that I’ve already started on several of these things so I’m feeling good about getting more than 6 items checked off for this season! 😊🍂

It’s been really inspiring seeing the items you are putting on your list! Some of my favorites include donate food, make a huge pile of leaves and jump in it, go apple picking, and paint leaves in my nature journal from @juiceboxhomeschool’s list and journal and shop small from Michelle’s list!

If you’re done with your list, feel free to share it with me–I love seeing them! You can email me a photo or tag me on your Instagram posts/stories @atiliay #atiliayPDFs.

2020 Autumn List Template by Atiliay.com

If you’d like to create your own fall list, you can download the 2020 Autumn List template by signing up for the newsletter to get instant access to the PDF library:

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