Holiday Party at the Educare Center + A Big Thank You!

One of my most favorite things in the world is to find an email from Cindy with photos of the kids from the Educare Center in my inbox!  It still amazes me how easily we can connect with people from all over the world these days; seeing photos of items that were right next to you only a few days ago that have traveled safely into the arms of a child who lives in another continent or being able to see the children I cook and blog for, that our lives are somehow entwined, even though I have never met them in person (yet)– but I can see exactly who they are!  Even though I get overwhelmed with technology and social media, I also love it because it allows us to communicate with almost anyone anywhere– there’s so much potential and possibilities for all kinds of global partnerships and projects.

I received one of those favorite emails of mine with an update on the kids and what the funds from the Veggie Grill Fundraiser was able to provide right before Thanksgiving!  It was a lovely way to kick start the holiday for me.  My intentions for the fundraiser was so we could provide extra funds (on top of the monthly donations to provide nutritious food) to give the children at the Educare Center a chance to celebrate the holidays with a party, gifts, and food.  It’s also for Gladys (the amazing lady who runs the center) and her helpers, to thank them for all their selfless work they do everyday.

From the fundraising proceeds, Cindy was able to get 70 presents- one for each child.  The boys got a set of eight cars, the girls got a princess toy cellphone that plays music, and the babies got stuffed animals.  They also took cake, juice, chips, sweets, and biscuits along for a yummy spread.  She said when they arrived, the children put on a little show for them, complete with singing and dancing!  Cindy said they were too adorable and after that they put on a funny skit and some of the boys came back dressed as girls and that it was hilarious!  See for yourself :)

{The kids and one of Gladys’ helpers say hello!}


{The boys being silly and putting on a funny skit :)}

{Gladys in the white baseball hat and Cindy in the purple tee– amazing women}

{What a beautiful smile}

{Cake!  I have never seen one like this before!}

I know I’ve said it before but I really deeply appreciate everyone who came out to support and eat at the Veggie Grill Fundraiser and to the Veggie Grill for their generosity!

Cindy also passed on a message from Gladys who said “Thank you so very much and may God bless you for your kindness.”  I wanted to share this with you too because that thank you is meant for you!

When I first got confirmation of the fundraiser, I started getting worried that nobody would show up, or I wouldn’t raise any money, and is this something I can really do?  We didn’t raise millions but by the sounds and looks from this email, I am happy to say that I believe it was a success :)

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