I am Thankful For 2018 PDF by Atiliay.com

This month’s PDF was created in hopes of helping and inspiring us (myself included!) to cultivate a habit of practicing daily gratitude! There are a ton of benefits to doing this (here is an article that lists 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude from Forbes.com) and it’s a personal goal of mine to do this more often. This is actually the third year I have been doing this and every year–even though I am the least consistent person in the world!–I have been able to complete this challenge because it’s fast and easy to do! Looking back, it has definitely helped me remember to think more about what I am grateful for, especially during times when I am down or frustrated or feel like complaining. So I thought we could try building this good habit together throughout the month–we can keep each other accountable, learn more about one another, and help each other remember the things we should truly be thankful for!

Can I count you in? Awesome! :D Here’s how to join:

  • DOWNLOAD + PRINT your “I am Thankful For” PDF.
  • FILL IN 1 box a day starting on November 1st. You can write in the box, doodle, use stickers, etc. whatever you’d like!
  • SHARE what you’re grateful for each day by sharing a pic of your filled out box in your Instagram stories or post–be sure to tag me @atiliay and use the hashtag #thankfulfor30days.

I will be sharing what I am filling out my squares with everyday over on Instagram and reposting yours (with your permission of course). If you know someone who would like to practice daily gratitude too, please share the challenge and PDF with them–the more the merrier!

Here are also a few tips to help you complete this challenge:

  • Put your gratitude log somewhere you will see everyday–by the front door, on the fridge, next to your bed, on your desk, etc.
  • Try to incorporate it into your daily routine whether it’s jotting down something every morning during breakfast or making sure you fill it out before you go to bed as part of your nighttime routine. I personally like to do it at the end of the day and try to pick something from that specific day that I am grateful for.
  • If you forget one day, don’t worry or feel like you need to stop! Keep going, list two the next day to make up for the missed day.
  • This is a fun challenge for everyone in the family–either do it together or print a log out for each person. Put everyone’s  logs up and create a gratitude wall in your house!
  • The boxes are small for a reason! You don’t need to write a ton, even one word is fine.Or if you want to write more, that’s fine too! It’s totally up to you and whatever makes this process most enjoyable for you.
  • Continue this challenge after the month is over! It typically takes about 66 days before a new behavior becomes automatic. But after you complete November, you are basically halfway there! And trust me when I say that it definitely got easier for me as the month went along and it became something I really looked forward to doing every day.

I can’t wait to start and hope that you will be joining me!


Happy November!


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