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The final newsletter for the month of July went out earlier this week! It includes the Time Capsule Letters PDF template, July shares, and words about Makani. Here is a sampling of some of the items from this month’s shares:

The Tail End. This article is a MUST read. I came across it years ago and have been searching for it since when it landed in my inbox recently! The author lays out and measures our lifespan using images to represent how many more times we will experience something. They range from silly things like how many more tacos we will eat to how many more times we will see our parents or a loved one. The visual really puts things in perspective for me. It’s such an important reminder to make the best of the time we have.

If I Have A Son by Ruth B. This song and music video is so powerful, beautiful, important, heart breaking, honest. Here is an excerpt from the chorus: 

Your skin, it glitters like gold / There’s love inside of your soul / But no matter what you say no matter what you do / This world will never be as friendly to you

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since hearing Lost Boy several years ago.

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Wishing you a good rest of your July <3

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