Snail Mail Idea For Kids - Activity Sheet by
Snail Mail Idea For Kids - Activity Sheet by

I am sending Elijah and Brooklyn these about me fill-in sheets! I saw something similar on Pinterest before for adults and I thought it’d be fun to make some of these for kids! I used a regular marker and large pieces of paper (you can use whatever you have at home) for this so they have space to color, draw, or write in their answers–I can’t wait to see how they fill them in!

Here are some ideas of what you can put on your about me fill-in sheets for kids:

My birthday is
My favorite color is
My favorite animal is
My favorite food is
My favorite song is
My favorite book is
My favorite subject in school is
My favorite game is
My favorite sport is
My favorite TV show is
My favorite movie is
When I grow up I want to be
I am great at
I love to
My best friend is
Today I
Things I like
Things I don’t like
If I could have a super power it would be
If I could go anywhere it would be
Draw a self-portrait

I hope you liked this idea and if you try it, please send me a pic of it–especially after it is filled out! :)

PS: I am also sharing all my snail mail, video tutorials, and more on Instagram as well! If it’s easier for you to check out the info there, you can find me at @atiliay.

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