I was making dinner last week and as I started cooking, I thought to myself how much I loved the sound of a sizzling pan and the smell of garlic and onions being sautéed! It was that moment that gave me the idea to create this PDF so that we have a place to list all the random, mundane, exciting, small, and big things we love. There are 28 lines–one for every day in February so that by the end of it, we have an entire page filled out. I feel like it’s so easy to focus on the negative or the one bad thing that happened during your day and I thought this would be a way for us to forget that and focus on things that make us happy! This is also a fun activity to get the family and kiddos involved in–print a sheet for each member of the fam or fill one out together!


Love List PDF by

Love List PDF by


I’d love to see how you are using your PDF! Take a photo and share on your Instagram or stories and tag me @atiliay so I can check it out.

Happy February!


PS: Here are a few more things I love: getting unexpected snail mail, when Valentine snuggles next to me on the couch, when a Backstreet Boys song comes on the radio, when I sit the dish soap down and bubbles come out, and when all 3 of my kitties are purring at the same time :)


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