I had the opportunity to teach both part 1 and part 2 workshops this month! I love seeing people make a down and upstrokes for the first time and it’s extra special to have students return  and get to reconnect and see how much they’ve grown. Thank you to LG Collective and Runwaytrash, Oh Shiny Paper Co, and The Potting Shed for being amazing hosts and providing a space to learn and be creative!

Workshops For A Cause: Each workshop seat helps to provide 20 meals for The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa
March workshops helped to provide 520 meals!
Thank you to every attendee who made this possible!

See below for photos and details about each workshop.

Are you interested in learning the art of brush lettering? I’d love to letter with you!

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Long Beach Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

Thank you Britt, Nicole, Monica, Dana, Kate and Ariday for kicking off March workshops with me! And a special thank you to Mandy who attended a workshop last month and told Kate about it–it means a lot to me when someone has enjoyed a workshop enough to share it with their friends and family! I am going to end this recap with an awesome husband story: Britt’s other half actually gifted her a certificate for both part 1 and part 2 workshops for Christmas last year–it’s something she’d been interested in learning and I thought that was so thoughtful of him! :)


Long Beach Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

It was so wonderful to see Erin, Stephanie, and Elizabeth again for a part 2 workshop as well as meet Elizabeth’s friend Brittanie who joined us as well! Elizabeth’s little one also made an appearance and joined us for a class picture ;) Erin has been keeping in touch and I love seeing all of her lettering projects! It’s awesome to see all the cool things she is making and how her lettering has grown and evolved!


Los Angeles Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

It was wonderful meeting Gabby, Jermy, Nailea, Laurice, Florence, Terry, and Joanne and getting the opportunity to letter with them! Everyone was so focused and asked great questions and did an amazing job! I’m looking forward to seeing Gabby again for the upcoming part 2 workshop!


Orange County Brush Lettering Workshop by Atiliay

It was a creative Sunday Funday with Stefanie, Tricia, Carrie, Kate, Theresa, Julie, and Jeannie! I had so much fun getting to know everyone and I’m excited to see some of these ladies at the upcoming part 2 workshop! Carrie signed up for the Better Letters in 15 Challenge after class and has been ROCKING IT–I love seeing her worksheets on Instagram!

If you are interested in joining me for a workshop, click here to view the workshop calendar for upcoming dates!

If you’d like to host a private workshop or have any questions, please feel free to email me at hello(at)
I am happy to help and hope to letter with you soon!

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