March Recap: First Aid Kit- Check!

I wanted to give a quick recap of March– the site wasn’t up yet but that is when I started working with Cindy and learning about Gladys and The Ebongalethu Educare Center!

I was able to donate $140 USD (which is about 950 Rand).  Part of that came from a cupcake order from my friend Esther who made a VERY generous donation (I will post up the cupcake recipe soon!), another part of the funds were raised from selling donated clothes to Buffalo Exchange, and the rest was from my daily contributions.  The amount is enough to cover food for one month, as well as fund some extra necessities, which are listed here.

I really wanted to help get TEEC a first aid kit that was on their wishlist because it seemed the most important.  As a kid, I stuck my fingers in the heater and electric sockets and got bruises and scrapes constantly– if those kids are anything like me, a first aid kit would come in handy!

I asked Cindy how much one would cost and got great news in response–  Cindy had called a friend at an Ambulance Service to find out where to buy a good one and she immediately offered to donate one!  What a generous individual!  The kit costs about $75 USD and includes everything from burn packs to disinfectant to splints.

Here are some photos Cindy sent me that were taken on the day she brought Gladys the first aid kit.

The additional funds will now be used to get educational tools or a blanket or two before winter rolls in.  FYI- June, July, and August are South Africa’s winter months.

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by and contributed so far!  It’s super exciting! :)

My hope for this project is for everyone to donate what they can, whether it be $0.50 or $1.00.  With recent global events as well as the economic hardships many people are facing, it may be difficult for the average person to shell out a big amount to donate.  But that’s OK, because if everyone contributes a bit of their spare change (literally) that would be enough! Only $3.30 a day will feed the 60 children being taken care of at TEEC.  Truly, every little bit helps!

OK I am off make some dinner!  Unfortunately, I don’t have internet hooked up at my place yet so I will be posting the recipe tomorrow AM.  Stay tuned to see what vegan tuna salad looks like!

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