This Mother’s Day, give your mother a card that will provide the life-long gift of an education to a mother in Kenya!

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I am very excited to share with you the Mother’s Day Cards For A Cause line featuring block printed flowers in watercolor.  Every design is sketched out on paper, carved into a stamp, then printed on paper and finished with watercolors.  For this edition, the prints of these floral designs will be available on 5″ x 7″ watercolor paper with the option of a personalized message typed on the back.  They are intended to be 1 sided cards that can then be framed as artwork.  They can be used to decorate walls and desks at the home or office, and become a daily reminder of the bond between mother and daughter.

Peonies in progress

atiliay is proud to be partnering up with Freely In Hope for this edition of Cards For A Cause.  Freely In Hope is a non-profit working in Kenya that focuses on providing opportunities for survivors of or those vulnerable to sexual abuse.  They offer the women a  secure environment to learn that allows the achievement of their academic goals as well as shelter and counseling.

With your card purchase, you will be contributing to funds that will provide the mothers Freely In Hope supports, with a gift that will help them enrich their lives, the lives of their children, and help them fulfill their dreams!

Freely In Hope- Eunice

Eunice is one of the women FIH is currently working with and a recipient of the scholarship.  She was raped, became pregnant, and was forced to leave her home.  Through hard work and with courage and dignity, Eunice managed to survive and take care of herself and her baby boy, Eugene.  With savings from her job and help from her mother, she was able to begin college.  Freely In Hope will help make sure she finishes college and help Eunice reach her goals:

“I hope when I am done with my studies that I can find a decent paying job so I can afford my son’s education and take care of my mother who has helped me this far… I’m currently studying at Kenya Polytechnic University so that I can finish my degree in Counseling Psychology.  My hope is to counsel other young women who, like me, have experienced trauma.  To other raped women—I encourage you not to abort. That child might be your source of happiness, just as my son is for me.”

You must go on FIH’s website to read Eunice’s entire story because paraphrasing cannot do it justice!  Freely In Hope does amazing, life-saving, and life-changing work and it is an honor to be able to support them and women like Eunice.

A portion of proceeds from each Mother’s Day card will be donated to Freely In Hope’s Arise Scholarship Fund.  Please honor your mother and spread the love this Mother’s Day by being a part of Cards For A Causes’ 2nd Edition!

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Thank you!