This is Part 2 of the Meet The Maker series! To learn more and see Part 1, please click here.

DAY 7 | LESS GLAM SIDE: What can I say, I’m no Marie Kondo! In case you’re wondering, the disaster that you are looking at is part of my workspace and my desk!

⁣This is probably the realist pic I’ve ever posted lol FYI that little corner where you can actually see the table is where I put my laptop. In my defense, I’ve been doing most of my lettering and workshop prep at the dining room table which is why this has gone untouched but it’s the last big area I need to tidy up—the rest of my space is actually somewhat decent lol⁣

March Meet The Maker - Day 7 -

DAY 8 | PRODUCT RANGE: Here’s a spread of the things I offer (top to bottom, leftish to rightish)! Stamped favor boxes, greeting cards, lettering worksheets, baby milestone cards, and brush lettering workshops. To do a little shopping or to view workshop dates, click on the link in my profile—there’s currently a little over 90 products to browse through.

Every item gives back by providing meals for The EEC Preschool & Nursery (pictured), microloans for mom and dad entrepreneurs, and vegan chili and meals for folks across the US!

March Meet The Maker - Day 8 -

DAY 9 | STORY BEHIND THE NAME: Atiliay (Eh-ti-lee-ay) is based off the French word “atelier” meaning workshop or studio specifically for an artist or designer. I wanted a name that nobody else would have so I changed the spelling to how I think the word sounds. I also liked that the name and meaning is versatile enough that if my business were to ever evolved into something else, the name would still work. Fun fact: So far, since 2013, I have only met 1 person (at a craft show) who saw “Atiliay” and immediately knew it was a play on “atelier”! I was very impressed lol The downside of having a made up name is nobody knows if they are saying it right at first! Sorry about that!

March Meet The Maker - Day 9 -

DAY 10 | YOU: Hello! I’m Olivia! Here’s a little bit more about me for today’s prompt…
* My current obsession is World of Dance and watching dance videos! It’s inspired me to sign up for a dance class!
* I’ve been vegan for 10 years and I love animals! A few of my fave food places: Mitasie3, Freesoulcaffe, The Donuttery, and Huglife ⁣⁣⁣⁣
* My other half is Justin who is my COMPLETE opposite! He is a full time podcaster and produces and narrates a family of podcasts called Optimal Living Daily. If you’re into self development, minimalism, and similar topics, I highly recommend them!
* I live in Irvine with my pom Valentine and 3 kitties: Makani, Jefrey, and Samone.
* The dog in this photo is Kingston who came to a workshop!
* I just started reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang and it’s been hard to put down ⁣⁣⁣⁣
* I have a fear of heights and clusters of circles (trypophobia)

March Meet The Maker - Day 10 -

DAY 11 | REDUCING WASTE: This is definitely something I’ve been trying my best to do! Here are a few steps I’ve taken to be more eco-friendly and waste less—

* While I love intricate and beautiful packaging, I’ve kept mine as minimal as possible without a lot of extras because I feel like most of it ends up in the trash! Each order comes in a non-bendable mailer made from 100% recycled paper board by family owned company @upaknship along with an info postcard that doubles as a thank you note.⁣
* I recently saw that ClearBags has new eco sleeves made from plants that are compostable so I’m excited to switch to those!⁣
* Anytime I have paper scraps I keep them to practice lettering on or use for other projects. And anything I can’t use anymore is recycled!

March Meet The Maker - Day 11 -

DAY 12 | HANDS AT WORK (This photo is part of the DIY Calligraphy Wrapping Paper Tutorial Post!)

March Meet The Maker - Day 12 -

Thank you for reading Part 2 of the Meet The Maker series! In case you missed it…

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