Mini Love Notes By

.Mini Love Notes by

I love Valentine’s Day and think it’s a wonderful time to celebrate ALL the different kinds of love we have in our lives! This PDF features mini notes that you can leave for the special people in your lives–significant others, friends, siblings, co-workers, family members, and even strangers. There is a page with prompts you can fill out and another page with different sayings. Just print, cut out, fill out, and they are ready to go! They are fun for February but can be used all year round.  Download the PDF below and read on for more ideas on how to use these notes. I hope you enjoy giving these out!


Mini Love Notes By
Printing Tips:
  • If any part of your PDF is getting cut off, be sure to select “fit to page” on your printing properties/settings.
  • Regular paper works but I recommend printing on cardstock.
Ways To Use These Notes:
  •  As is!
  • Turn them into a garland by punching small holes on the top corners of each card and stringing ribbon or baker’s twine through them.
  • Add these little guys to any letters or cards you snail mail. You can add a bunch to an envelope (kind of like large pieces of confetti but without the mess) or even put in their own mini envelopes which would be super cute :)
Places To Leave Your Notes:
Coat and pant pockets, lunch bags, inside their car, on their desk, propped on their keyboard, taped to their phone or mirrors, inside dresser drawers, inside your snail mail, and anywhere else you can think of! You can also leave a note in a random public place for a stranger to find and brighten up their day!
 Mini Love Notes by


This is a gentle reminder that this PDF is designed for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
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