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I am *extra* excited to share this Monthly Mindset + Goals PDF with you because these are all things that helped me get out of my recent summer slump. Each section of this PDF put things into perspective for me and helped me get focused, get motivated, and remember my why and where my heart is. I wanted to put all these things on one page so everything can be easily captured and also because they relate back to one another. Here’s a bit more about each of the sections and how to use them:


Monthly Mindset & Goals PDF by

  • My INTENTION is: set your intention for the month! Is it to focus on being in the moment? Is it to create and share your art with others? Is it to have confidence in the skills you possess? There is no right or wrong answer, it is whatever feels right for you and what you want to focus on this month.
  • My PHILOSOPHY is: what are you all about? If you had to put your values and beliefs in one sentence, how would you sum it up? Or write what you want your philosophy to be–getting it down on paper can help remind you to work towards this. I think this one can be a total work in progress from month to month as you refine it.  So far, my philosophy is that we can all create small ways to make an impact.
  • MONTHLY GOALS for PERSONAL GROWTH + WORK: The most important part of this section is writing down one goal at a time, and only adding a new one once you have reached the first goal. The reason I wanted to do this is because it is SO easy for me to write a list of 50 projects and goals I want to tackle but it’s not realistic and I end up getting nothing done when there’s so many! It’s overwhelming and hard to focus. I am trying to work on achieving one goal at a time and actually completing it before moving on. I think this also helps to eliminate having too many open projects at any given time.
    Personal growth and our mental and physical health are just as important as our work and career so I definitely wanted to make sure I had a section for both. And while “personal growth” may sound really serious, don’t forget we should have fun and enjoy life too! Your personal growth goal can be something that makes you laugh or makes you happy! :) Also, my habit tracker PDF may come in handy if you want to track some of your goals or new habits you are trying to form on a daily basis.
  • YES!/NO chart: How many times have we said yes to something not because we really wanted to but because we felt like we should? It can be really easy to make excuses or get pressured into doing a project or taking on a commitment that we know deep down inside isn’t for us. For this chart, all you have to do is write down what you are going to say “yes!” to and what you are going to say “no” to. This can be something in your personal or professional life or both.
    Here’s an example: I have made a decision for my business to focus on products and workshops. So on my “no” list is custom projects! The reason why it’s important for me to write this down is because there have been TOO many times that I get a request for a custom project and said yes, only to regret it later! I get sucked into how pretty the end product will look and how everyone is doing it so I should too but in real life, they tend to always be super stressful and do not align with my business goals.
  • End of month REFLECTION: This section is to be used at the end of the month so you can reflect and jot down some thoughts. Let’s celebrate our achievements (we don’t do this enough!), think about what was challenging, and how we can overcome them.

I hope the different aspects of this PDF are as helpful for you as they have been for me–I am looking forward to filling this out and hope we all have a focused, inspired, and happy month!

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