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This Mother’s Day Atiliay was able to fund 4 new microloans for mom entrepreneurs thanks to retail and wholesale cards for a cause orders! In case this is the first time you are learning about how Atiliay gives back, every item is paired up with a non-profit and with every purchase a portion of proceeds is donated. For Mother’s Day, I  wanted to create a way for me and my customers to help moms around the world. Since 2017, all cards for moms help to fund Kiva microloans that are lent to mamapreneurs around the world to help them grow their businesses, reach their goals, and provide for their families. You can learn more about how the loans work in this Instagram post. To date, thanks to orders and repayments (when a loan is repaid, the funds are used to support another microloan), a total of 26 loans have been made in 15 different countries! I wanted to introduce you to the 4 mothers and businesses we were able to support this Mother’s Day:

Mother's Day Cards For A Cause Kiva Loans 2019 - Atiliay.com

Photos courtesy of Kiva.org

From top to bottom, left to right:⁣

Catherine is a mother of 2 (one of her little ones joined her for this photo :)) and has a banana farm in Maua, Kenya. She requested a loan to purchase high quality seeds and fertilizer to improve her crops to keep up with modern techniques of farming. Using these items will help her increase her crop and increase her profit. Catherine works hard so that she can support her family and children and create a better life for them.⁣

Parvina is 36 years old and married with 2 children. She lives in Sarband, Tajikistan with her family. She is a seamstress of women’s clothes, national pillowcases, and bed sheets. These items are very popular and fashionable in Tajikistan–especially with brides who order the embroidered pillowcases and bed sheets. Parvina is using her loan to to buy fabrics for making embroidered pillowcases as they are a very profitable item at the market.

Erlina lives in Ajuy, Iloilo, Philippines with her husband and 4 children who are between the ages of 2 and 17. Erlina and her husband have been in the business of selling scrap materials for the past 8 years. She will be using this loan to buy more empty bottles, plastics, iron, and steel. Her dream is for her children to finish their studies and hopes to improve her business to help support her children’s education.⁣

Faaleleiga is 22 years old and lives in Faleasiu, Samoa with her 2 children and husband. She makes and sells Elei, a type of beautiful printed fabric, to earn a living. Faaleleiga will be using the loan to buy material, fabric paint, stencils, brushes, rollers, wooden carved designs, and a new cutter. She has had her Elei business for the past 2 years and uses her profits to pay for her family’s weekly expenses.⁣

I hope you enjoyed reading more about each of these mom entrepreneurs and learning about how Atiliay’s Mother’s Day cards for a card give back–and if you purchased a mom’s day card, you are the reason this is possible, THANK YOU!

PS: Father’s Day is coming up and those cards for a cause help to fund Kiva microloans for dad entrepreneurs! Stay tuned to read more about that and the fathers we are able to support!

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