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I personally am a huge fan of the classic black and white color combo but every once in awhile I like adding some color too ;)

In this post I am sharing how you can add some color to your lettering, envelopes, and letters with this multi-color name lettering tutorial! Use whatever markers you have at home and try an ombre effect, changing colors every other letter, or a rainbow–it’s so much fun and there are tons of possibilities!

You can use your regular cursive writing or even print writing or if you want, you can add pressure on all the down strokes to give it that calligraphy look (here’s a tutorial on how to do just that).

I did one multi-colored lettered envelope for Eli and one for Brooklyn (my good friend’s kiddos) in their favorite colors!

All you need is an envelope or paper, whatever markers you have at home, and a pencil and eraser. Below is the video tutorial (you can also find this on my Instagram, @atiliay–I have a stories highlights for all the snail mail tutorials and ideas I am sharing this month!)

And if you’d like to see what I am putting inside these envelopes to send to Eli and Brooklyn, head over to this post to find out and make one for the little ones in your life!

I hope you try this out! And if you do, I love seeing photos of what you create so please feel free to email me or if you share it on social media, be sure to tag me!

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