Ombre Flower Wedding Cake

Congratulations Cherish + Steven!

Their cream cake is adorned with ombre flowers in their wedding colors.  The cake is actually a display styrofoam cake with a small section cut out in the back to place a real piece of cake for them to cut into.  It’s a great option if you’d like to have a beautiful cake at your wedding but want an assortment of desserts, have a lot ways to travel (get sheet cakes for serving), have an outdoor wedding and worried the cake will melt, or if you are doing a dessert bar and just don’t need that much cake!  A display cake gives you a beautiful spread while allowing things to be a bit more flexible.

One of my favorite elements of cake decorating is making sugar flowers– I really enjoyed being able to create these flowers in the ombre colors which was something new for me!

Cherish and Steven’s cake also helps to provide 300 meals for the children at The EEC preschool and nursery in South Africa!  Another reason to celebrate!

Wishing C+S a happy, loving, fun, and wonderful life together as husband and wife!  (And loved their “love is sweet” wooden cake stand and delicate mobile hanging above!)

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