Creating and trying new things is messy and imperfect and sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error. It’s easy to forget that because we see so many images that are at the final advanced stages but not the bumpy beginnings.

I’ve been playing around with different mediums lately and thought the perfect way to push myself when it comes to watercolors was to join this month’s Paint With Me Challenge!

The PWMC is a free watercolor challenge hosted by my friend and talented artist, Susan. Each month, Susan shares a reference photo to paint as well as video of her painting it. I found it so helpful to watch her and the techniques she used! Whether you are just starting out or have been painting for awhile, I highly recommend joining in and painting something every month! You can learn more and sign up here. (If you want to delve in deeper, take a look at Susan’s Paint With Me Community!)

There is a lot I want to fix / do over, the paint that seeped through the tape is driving me nuts along with the tape not really coming off the paper, but in the spirit of embracing the process and humble beginnings and messiness, I still wanted to share it! I’m also trying to find the things I do like and give myself credit for trying! (We painted a cropped version of this photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels.)

☁️ I love looking at clouds and have always wanted to paint them so even though this didn’t turn out exactly the way I envisioned it, I’m really glad to have tried! I hope to continue this process of trying and keep getting better at it, step by step!

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