Happy 2020! I hope yours is off to a great start–I have been feeling so excited and positive about this new year and decade! To help me gather my thoughts, reflect, and organize, these are some of the PDFs I am starting off my year with and sharing with you in case they can help you too—the weekly planner is definitely the one I use most and I feel lost if I haven’t filled one out for the week! I think the key to everything is planning ahead—I might not be the best at doing that but I’m working on it! ?⁣ There’s something for your everyday, week, month, and year.

All of these PDFs are free and are sent to newsletter subscribers—if you’d like access to them, you can sign up by clicking here. (Don’t forget to confirm your subscription!) When you join, you’ll automatically be sent the latest newsletter with these PDFs. (If you don’t receive anything let me know and be sure to check junk/spam folders and updates/promo tabs since they end up there sometimes.) You will also get access to all previous PDFs that have been sent out and I email you new ones at least once a month!⁣


Habit Tracker PDF by Atiliay.com

I really love creating these—sometimes they are inspired by something I’m looking for and can’t find, other times they are based on the season we are headed into, and sometimes it’s just something I think you will find useful! It’s my way of saying thank you for letting me pop up in your inbox and I hope you enjoy them! :)


  1. Love your printables for goal setting!

    • Hi Natasha! I am so happy to hear that–thank you for stopping by and letting me know! Wishing you all the best in the year ahead! :) Olivia


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