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Voodoo Doughnuts!

Timmie, Hotel Monaco's resident pup!

Unfortunately I didn’t really get any pics of the dogs with my real camera!  This is from Instagram of Timmie, Hotel Monaco’s resident pup!

There’s nothing more exciting to me than going somewhere that is lush and green and full of trees! It makes it even more exciting if there are dogs everywhere and vegan doughnuts readily available. Apparently, Portland is the perfect mix of all of my favorite things!

I wish I had more time to explore the outdoors but I was there for a wedding and could only bear to leave my loves for a short weekend trip.  It was actually the first time I left them for more than one night and only under the care of my dad and brother which made me a little nervous.   I am glad to report that everyone survived, including me who was probably the only one who was even worried.

But during the time that I was there I was able to visit Voodoo Doughnuts and satisfy my donut cravings, saw beautiful scenery with lots of trees (and dogs everywhere!), watched ducks feeding in the river while the sun set, got really excited by seeing a nutria aka a big rat that looks like a beaver because I thought it was a beaver, and attended a beautiful wedding!

I got a taste of Portland and definitely want more!  I hope to make it back there again and enjoy more of the great outdoors (and more doughnuts).

P1010831 (768x1024)

P1010835 (754x1024)

P1010836 (1024x732)

Prasad was little eatery located in a shared space with a yoga studio.  Their “Mighty Bowl” is sold on a donation basis only, and given to anyone who may be hungry because they believe everyone deserves a warm meal.  I love it!

P10108481and2 (761x1024)

Two things I wanted to notate about this picture above, #1: check out the line to Voodoo’s! I later one got the scoop that the other location not too far from this one (which was by China Town) is much easier to get into.  They were worth the 30 minute or so wait! #2: I wanted to capture this act of kindness.  There was a man singing and playing his guitar right outside of Voodoo for tips and a group of folks came up to him, offered him a slice of pizza and gave him a bottle of water.  I thought it was great that they shared a meal with him and got a chat with him as well.

P1010851 (1024x666)

I loved all their signs and decor on the inside of the shop as well as this beautiful glittered out wall!

P1010880 (923x1024)

My box of vegan donuts!!! All was delicious, especially the one with the fruit loops which had Bavarian cream in it.  I never knew how much I loved donuts until I couldn’t have them anymore!P1010885 (1024x766)

PS: Portland natives / those who have been, please let me know what are must sees and during what time of the year!

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