Random Love Letter Instagram Challenge


I’m very excited to announce that the Random Love Letter Instagram Challenge is back for its third year!
Join Jackie (@3x3Inspire), Mandy (@TheTinyMC) and me, Olivia, (@Atiliay) in spreading positivity and joy throughout the month of July with random love letters!
Here are the details:

Random Love Letter is a 31 day Instagram challenge taking place for the entire month of July. The premise is to write a note with a positive message on it everyday during the month and leave it in a random public place (a park bench, at the grocery store, inside a library book) for a stranger to find. Take a photo and share your note on Instagram tagging @randomloveletter and #randomloveletter (there’s no “s” at the end!).

Our goal is to post as many random love letters as we can all month long and help brighten up someone’s day!

We’ll be sharing our own posts as well as featuring yours everyday on the brand new @randomloveletter Instagram account so be sure to tag and follow us! It’s also really fun to scroll through the hashtag–in the past, note writers have been able to connect with the finders of their notes by browsing #randomloveletter!

Ready to start this challenge with us?


First, let us know you are joining in and help us spread the word! Share the Random Love Letter image on your social media, in your IG stories, and also comment on our Instagram so we know to keep an eye out for your posts!

Second, download this free PDF cheat sheet and read the FAQs below to help you get started!

Third, if you’d like to stay in touch or get an email about when the challenge starts and when the next one will be, sign up for your newsletter! We’ll only be sending a few throughout the year to keep you posted!

Random Love Letter 2017 Cheat Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did this all begin?
This challenge started 2 years ago and was created by two lovely and talented ladies, Sarah @sarahdshotts and Olivia @randomolive. I joined them last year in co-hosting since I loved the challenge so much! Sarah and Olivia are unable to host this year but I am helping to carry on the torch along with Jackie and Mandy who will be joining me!

What should I use to write my notes?
Use whatever paper and pens you have on hand! We like using post it notes since they are easy to stick to different places and won’t leave a mark. But you can also write on plain paper, index cards, greeting cards, postcards, scrapbook paper, etc. and use washi tape to attach. You can also get super creative and write in sand at the beach or with chalk on the sidewalk!

What should I write on my notes?
You can write anything on the notes that you think will help brighten up someone’s day or help to inspire and encourage. We have themes for each week of the month to help give you some ideas if you need it but be as creativity as you want and have fun! In addition to writing a message, you can also draw a picture, add stickers or use rubber stamps, etc. Take a look at the hashtag #randomloveletter for more ideas and see what others have posted the past two years.

We also suggest writing “#randomloveletter” on the note itself somewhere so that the finder can potentially connect with you and also learn what it’s all about!

Where do I leave my notes?
Anywhere someone may find it! Some suggestions include park benches, at the airport, public bathroom mirrors, inside library books, inside a cookie jar at the store, at the grocery store, inside a restaurant menu, somewhere in a parking lot, in an elevator, in a loved one’s coat pocket–there are so many possibilities! Again, browsing the hashtag really helps!

I have a question, how do I reach you?
Have a question? Want to collaborate? Feel free to comment on Instagram and one of us will get back to you! You can also reach us at randomloveletter(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you’d like reminders on when Random Love Letter starts, sign up for our newsletter below! We will be keeping emails minimal (a few throughout the year) just to keep you posted on the challenges!

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