Random Love Letter Feb 2020


I am excited to bring Random Love Letter back! It was a project started by Sarah Shotts @sarahdshotts and Olivia @randomolive and the premise is to create positive notes and leave them in random public places for strangers to find! What a sweet idea right? I participated the first year they hosted this challenge and I went on to carry the torch and created an Instagram account for it and continued to host it with my friends from the lettering community, Jackie and Mandy!

We’ve all gotten so busy and it’s been awhile since we hosted one and I felt really inspired to bring this back–even for a month–and February seemed like the perfect time to do it! The goal is to put 14 positive notes in random places for people to find!

We used to hand write and decorate notes on post-its–and you can totally do that as well–but I created a set of 14 notes you can print out to make that part a little easier :)

Random Love Letter PDF by Atiliay.com


1. Make your own notes or print out the PDF of pre-made notes by clicking here to download it. Cut them out and put them in your purse along with some washi tape.

2. Leave the notes in random public places throughout the month (you can use washi tape to attach them in needed–be sure you are not damaging any surfaces!) such as mirrors in public restrooms, pockets of clothing, in between book pages at the library or bookstore, on a park bench, etc.

3. Take a picture of it, share it Instagram stories or create a post, and use the hashtag #randomloveletter. This is a fun way for the person who finds it to see who posted it as well as to share with others who are leaving notes as well!

That’s it!

I left my first random love letter today at a coffee shop :)

Random Love Letter Feb 2020

I hope you love this idea as much as I do and join me this month in adding a little fun and positivity into our communities!

Random Love Letter Feb 2020

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