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As summer winds down and makes way for fall, I’m looking back at my 2020 Summer List–it looks like I was very all or nothing. The things I did get done, I really got done and the things I didn’t were basically left untouched! 😅 Here’s a little bit more about each one–


Visit the South Coast Botanical Garden with Valentine
OK, so I ended up not actually going to this particular place but my goal with this was to get out with Valentine and I was able to do that this summer! We went for a hike in Palos Verdes, we hung out at the Bluffs in Long Beach, and we had a few safe/socially distanced/masked hang out with my close friends (along with many car rides to the post office, pick up food, etc.) But I now have an eye out on dog-friendly nights at the garden and hope to check it in the future!

This was the last thing I added on my list and I ended up defining this as time of devices and taking time to read! I have been reading the daily entries in The Book of Awakening and I have a few pages left in The War of Art! I am also about a quarter of the way through A Song of Wraiths and Ruin and started Ghana Must Go.

Launch Year 2 of Better Letters In 15
I am really excited that not only did I launch and complete year 2 of the Better Letters In 15 Challenge, but I also launched monthly mini-challenges! The phrase for this year’s challenge was “Trust Your Creativity” and the first mini challenge for the month of September is back to basics–practicing the alphabet and creating a lettered piece with it. You can sign up here which will then give you access to all the emails, free PDFs, and challenge prompts! I’ve been sharing my practice and progress over on Instagram!

Hike Eaton Canyon
Due to the crazy heat I was not expecting, I didn’t hike Eaton Canyon but I did hike a Palos Verdes trail! My goal was just to get out in nature and so I consider this done because of that :) It was a beautiful day and we got there early enough where the heat wasn’t an issue. I do look forward to going to Eaton Canyon though–I haven’t been there in many years but it used to be one of my favorite hiking places!

Unpack One Box
It will be a year in December since I moved here and yes, I STILL have unpacked boxes! I wanted to go through at least one box this summer and I spent a Saturday afternoon unpacking jewelry/jewelry boxes and sorting through everything into keep, donate, and toss categories.

I am REALLY on a mission to only keep things I use and need and to get rid of as many things as possible so it felt really good to get this done! I still have several boxes to go and hope to tackle them all by the end of this year! Getting through just one box does encourage me and make me feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

Donate 10 Items of Clothing
Again, I am really trying to pare down! When it comes to clothes I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that but there are always things I don’t wear anymore or can’t let go of due to sentimental reasons so I thought I’d try to find 10 items to donate. I ended up being able to let go of much more and filled up a trash bag!

I’ve been trying to go through my clothes more often so they are in the best condition possible when I am donating and can have a good chance at a second life! My ultimate goal is to create a capsule wardrobe and no longer have to get rid of or get more clothing items.

PS: If you have a hard time getting rid of clothes, I have found that taking a picture of it, or you in it, or making sure you have a photo of you in it can really help with letting go!


Learn 10 Chinese Characters
At the time when I had created my list, I was on a roll learning Mandarin on Duolingo. I thought I’d take it a step further and really try to learn 10 characters like the back of my hand. I went as far as choosing the 10 words and making flashcards but they ended up sitting on my desk–oops! I still would love to learn these words–they are all food related so I can hopefully order vegan food the next time I am in Taiwan–so I think I’ll try to stick them up in my kitchen and try to familiarize myself with them!

Create Painting with Art Meditation Kit
This is actually something I was really looking forward to doing! Originally I planned to do it on my birthday as a fun way to kick off the new year but since it landed on a regular work day, I wasn’t able to find time to squeeze it in. I hope I get to open it up and try it soon though! If you’re interested in learning more about these awesome art boxes, head over to Masterpeace Box for all the details!

Do 5 Push Ups
I am a member of Bounce Society (super fun trampoline full body workouts) and have been working out regularly but man push ups are such a struggle for me!!! I would love to be able to do just 5 push ups really well and go from there! My plan was to do 1 push up a day and build on that but I ended up having to pause working out altogether for a week or so and really fell off the bandwagon on this one! It’s still a goal of mine though and I think in order to succeed at this one I need to create an actual schedule so I can slowly but consistently build up to the 5.

Release Brush Lettering Kit
I’m super frustrated with myself that this has taken me so long to put together! I think there are two reasons I have been getting in my own way for this one and I think it’s because I want it to be perfect and I am worried about translating a live in-person workshop into a kit. But I know these are just things that are creating resistance and I am determined to finish and release it so I can share brush lettering with more people!

Overall I’m really happy I was able to do at least 6 out of the 10 things and I’m not beating myself over what I missed! It’s been helpful just having the list and putting it on my fridge since that means I see it *several* times a day lol.

Fall is just a few days away and I am looking forward to making my fall list! If you’d like to join me, you can download the 2020 Autumn List template by signing up for the newsletter to get instant access to the PDF library:

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