2020 Autumn List Template by

The first newsletter of the month always includes your freebie PDF and the download for September was sent out earlier this month!

The September PDF is the 2020 Autumn List Template–use it to create a fun to-do list for the season in an interesting format! These list layouts are inspired by lettering layouts that combine different fonts and text on one page. You can fill it out regularly or play around with writing in cursive and print or try out different fonts whether it’s a block or bubble style or brush lettering! Take a look at finished list over on my blog.

Each template is 5″x7″ and each PDF comes with 2 on the sheet–fill one out and send the other to a friend or share it with a family member or roomie. You can keep each other accountability or use this as a reminder of some of the things you want to do together. It’s also a fun project for kids and teens!

2020 Autumn List Template by

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Happy Autumn!

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