UPDATE: The 2020 100 Day Project has wrapped up but if you like the idea of lettering all the alphabet connections and want to try it out, keep reading! I have a few helpful PDFs for you that break down this challenge into daily bite-sized chunks. You can also find all of my 100 Day Project posts by clicking here. Happy lettering!

I’m participating in #The100DayProject this year and I wanted to invite you to join me! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a free art project that takes place online–anyone can participate! Every spring, people from all over the world commit to 100 days of creating–your project can be anything you want from painting to writing to dancing and anything/everything in between. You can learn more by reading the FAQs section on their website.

The first day of #The100DayProject is Tuesday, April 7th, 2020!

My specific project is a way for me to practice both brush lettering and connecting letters at the same time! My project is: 100 days of alphabet connections!

100 Days of Alphabet Connections with Atiliay

This means I’ll be lettering the entire alphabet and connecting them with all the other letters of the alphabet throughout the 100 days–aa, ab, ac, ad, all the way to zz! It’ll be a good way to practice daily without taking up too much time and I love that I will be lettering things for the first time ever!

If you would like to join, I have made a few PDFs to make it super easy! The first one has all 100 days listed with the connections that are supposed to be done that day. The second one is more for fun–it’s a tracker so you can cross off or color in each day after you have completed it! Here are the PDFs:



If you aren’t sure of how certain letters connect, I will be sharing my connections every 3 ish days (or so) so you can refer to those. Or you can also find a calligraphy font in whatever word processing program you use or download one, and type out the connection you are having trouble with so you have a visual reference.

I know 100 days might seem daunting and to be honest, I have never done anything past 30 days, but we can try your best! I think there is something special that happens when doing something consistently for 100 whole days so I am excited to attempt this! However, I think we all need to remember not to be too hard on ourselves–if we miss a day, let’s just pick up where we left off and keep going!

I will be sharing my project both here on my blog as well as on Instagram! If you will be joining me, I’d love to see photos and hear updates on your project! You can always email me at or if you’re posting on Instagram tag me @atiliay and use the hashtag #atiliayabc as well as the general project hashtag #the100dayproject.

I can’t wait to see your alphabet connections!

If you like this challenge and would like more brush lettering resources, here are a few you might be interested in:

The Better Letters in 15 Challenge– This is a free challenge complete with a set of worksheets that break down the phrase “practice makes perfect”. The idea is to practice for just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks and it breaks down the phrase into letters, letter connections, and we also go over layout. The goal is for you to improve your lettering with 15 minutes of practice per day and end with a phrase you can put up in your space! Sign up by clicking here.

Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Exemplar + Worksheets– Learn the upper and lower case alphabet in my style of lettering! This package comes with a set of worksheets for every single letter of the alphabet, both upper and lower case. For all the details and to purchase, please click here.

Bounce Lettering Lesson + Workbook– Learn how to incorporate bounce (movement) into your lettering! This is a lesson that goes over the concept of bounce and how to apply it and includes reference sheets, examples, and worksheets. To learn more and to purchase, please click here.


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    Thank you =)

    • You’re welcome, Mary! :)


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