Atiliay Valentine's Day Cards For A Cause Results{Since the time this photo was taken, even more meals have been raised!}

Valentine’s Day Cards For A Cause raised over 7,000 meals for children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa! Each meal consists of a nutritious porridge that helps the children at The EEC grow, fight disease, concentrate during schooling, and it also keeps them happy and energized.

This could not have been possible without each and every customer who decided to send and spread love this holiday–THANK YOU!

The Valentine’s Day cards for a cause fundraiser is very important because we are the sole donors for The EEC and they depend on Atiliay’s donations to continue to provide meals for the little ones they care for.  Raising 7,000+ meals will cover about 3-4 months of food (depending on the number of children who go there which ranges from 40-60 per day). Throughout the rest of the year Atiliay will continue to raise meals through our love cards, cake boxes, and other items in the shop to ensure that The EEC receives meals all year round.

Thank you again for helping to make all of this possible!

The photos you are seeing here are from a series of cards for a cause informational Instagram posts! Each post tells you more about the cause and how you are helping with each purchase. Head over to our IG to read the captions that go along with each photo.

Atiliay Valentine's Day Cards For A Cause - The EEC

Atiliay Valentine's Day Cards For A Cause - The EEC in Motherwell, South Africa

Atiliay Valentine's Day Cards For A Cause - The EEC in Motherwell, South AfricaPS: Our next cards for a cause campaign will be for Easter and Spring cards! If you’d like to know when it launches, keep in touch via our newsletter or on Instagram!

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