Makani In A Box :)

Ever since I got this picture of Makani sitting in the box my French Paper Co. order came in, I wanted to make a cat in a box card!  It took me some time to figure out the layout for the card, how to get the cat on the card with ears sticking out, and of course what the kitty would look like.  After trying several things, I finally came up with a finished product I was happy with!

The “box” part of the card is kraft paper and the cat is block printed with paint, cut out, and attached to the card.  There are many variations available for the cats- different colors, stripes, no stripes, etc.  I can even make a custom cat if you’d like to send me a photo!  Each card comes with a white envelope and should put a smile on your favorite cat lover’s face!

A portion of proceeds from every card will be donated to The Lange Foundation to support their work in saving dogs and cats from euthanasia and finding them loving forever homes.

Take a look at the finished product as well as the cards with some of my muses ;)

{You can purchase the cards at atiliay’s Etsy shop!}

Cat In A Box Card

Sleepy Orange Cat In A Box Card // atiliay.com

Cat In A Box Card

Jefrey checking out the card!

Cat In A Box Cards

Bubba says, "Make a tuxedo cat card!"

Jefrey approves.

One of my muses, Jefrey

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