Every month I send out a freebie PDF to newsletter subscribers as a thank you for inviting me into their inboxes as well as to encourage creativity and curiosity!

This month, I’m sharing an oldie but a goodie, the weekly planner sheet! I decided to send it out because it paired well with a mini 7 day sketchbook challenge I am trying out (you can read more about that here–and join me!)

I created this sheet because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for when it came to a weekly overview. I’ve used it for years and it has helped me remember the things I need to and stay organized! You can fill it in with what you need, such as scheduling / blocking off time or jotting down a few thoughts at the end of the day. I usually use the numbered area to write down the top 3 priorities for the week and I love a good quote so that’s what I use the space on the bottom right hand side for. 

A lot happens in a week and I hope this weekly planner can help you feel a little more prepared, relaxed, and ready for the days ahead!

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Each month I send out 2-3 newsletters: one with the month’s free download, another with give back, shop, and product updates, and the last one with a letter to self PDF and shares (links, articles, etc.) for the month. I love sitting down and writing each one–I’d love for you to join me there :)

Happy August!

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