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Halloween is almost here! Even though we will be celebrating differently this year, I personally am still really looking forward to it–especially dressing up with Valentine! 🎃

For this month’s free PDFs, I wanted to help you send some sweet treats to family, friends, and neighbors–I’ve designed 2 different “You’ve Been Booed!” cards that you can add to your goody bags!

Last year was the first time I was ever booed and even heard of such a thing! If you don’t know what booing someone is, it’s basically leaving Halloween treats on a neighbor or loved one’s doorstep as a fun surprise. I think it’s such an easy, thoughtful, and safe way to celebrate the holiday.

Download the PDFs then print and cut them out and they are ready to use! I recommend printing on heavyweight white, kraft, or colored cardstock. (If you print them out on white cardstock, you can have little ones help color and decorate them!)

To download the PDFs, just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get instant access to the PDF Library! You’ll be able to find this download–and lots more–available there. Use the form below to sign up:

Halloween Treat Tags by

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