Settlers of Catan Card by

Settlers of Catan is a favorite in our household and it seemed appropriate to create a Settlers of Catan card to reflect our love for it and for all the Catan fans out there as well!

I have known that I wanted to make a Settlers of Catan card for awhile now and had been playing around with different designs.  With the help of my boyfriend (who has won every single game I have ever played with him), we came up with this card which reflects the hexagon game pieces ( I have to say I am really proud of being able to make it a folding hexagon card!) as well as the different elements that are used in the game.

The card features 3 hexagons, the first with trees representing wood, middle is rocks representing brick, and the last one has silver, grey, and black ore on it.  The entire card is adorned with the longest red paper “road”.  All the elements on this card are handmade– each of the resources are hand stamped and the road and card is hand cut.  The text is printed on a professional Epson printer with premium Epson inks. The card folds up into a single hexagon then unfolds to reveal the entire message printed on the card.

Every Settlers of Catan card will help to provide 30 meals for children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center in Motherwell, South Africa!

You can purchase the card from Atiliay’s Etsy shop.

I hope that if you are a fan of the game you will enjoy this Settlers of Catan card as much as I did creating it!

PS: My strategy is always to get the longest road– I don’t think that has ever secured a win for me but I feel compelled to do it every time! lol :)

Settlers of Catan Card by

Settlers of Catan Card by

Settlers of Catan Card by

Settlers of Catan Card by

Settlers of Catan Card by

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Made By Survivors Letter

Last September Atiliay held a fundrasier, The Relevee Benefit, with the goal to raise awareness and funds to fight human trafficking.  We raised over $1100 for Made By Survivors to support their work in rescuing, caring, rehabiliating, educating, and employing girls, women, and children of those who are survivors of human trafficking.  We were able to accomplish this with the help of many talented individuals I feel honored to have been able to work with and generous caring donors!

I recently received an update from Made By Survivors and wanted to share it with you.  The story in the letter touched my heart and I just feel really grateful that together we were able to make a positive impact and help do something for these amazing people who have made it through tremendously difficult ordeals and are now thriving!  Read the letter below–

MBS 2015 Update

We should all have the right to live a free life, dream and pursue our goals, and be happy and safe.

Visit Made By Survivors to learn about the life saving work they do.  I also wanted to mention that they are getting ready to launch a new project, Animal People Alliance, which provides animals care as well as creating employment for survivors of human rights abuses!  


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Instagram Stamp by Atiliay

I recently made a change to our Instagram account and you can now find Atiliay on Instagram @Atiliay! Our IG features all things related to our paper goods!  If you are a fellow IG user and lover, I’d love to keep in touch with you there!

My Instagram account used to be a mix of personal and business posts but it felt like it was the right time to separate them.  Initially I was hesitant to have more social media accounts to manage (!) but at the end of the day it made sense to be more focused, cohesive, and very clear to followers what they can expect to see in their feed from Atiliay!

I’m looking forward to sharing upcoming news and projects with you there!

PS: If you are a foodie you can find my kitchen creations and food blog over at @VeganChowDown and for my personal photos (mostly of my animals :) and documenting 100 days of happiness and gratitude) you can follow me @OliviaL902.

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The EEC 1.21.15-2

Thank you to everyone who sent a love card this February and helped us raise 2,416 meals! The meals will be going to feed the little ones who are educated and taken care of at The Ebongalethu Educare Center in Motherwell, South Africa.  The tasty specially formulated porridge they receive will help these children grow, develop, thrive, and have a good start in life!

I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and thank you for spreading the love!

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